With gOrge we create a new, simpler and just better mail list system, it is now simpler to create a new discussion thread and share with everybody in the world your discussion; you won't need anymore to explain again and again to different person or team what decision are been made nor explain why, they can just read it by themself.


gOrge works with markdown, very simple and extremely powerful text format that let you espress any idea or format in manner of few character.


Very simple to use, you don't even need to sign up to start using the service, just leave your alias or your email or your name, so the other participant will know who you are, and you can start your thread right now.


Less is More.

gOrge has no-feature by design, just that easy to use and understand.


gOrge is free for everybody

Simple-(pro?)-feature may be added in the future.


We don't link your alias to anything, you can use your real name, your email addres, a random string, we don't care. Remember: "With great power comes great responsability."


We don't read nor analyze in any way the threads, we don't sell adds nor we care about who you are.


How to write your beatiful thread. Know more.

gOrge is been designed to be very easy to use, so you can write your post in plain text just as you will do with a normal email, however if you follow some simple convetion you can make your post way more beatiful, simple to read, and expressive.

A little example

What you write

# Way too big

### Right bigness to use

A simple list:

- First element
- Second
[Better example](http://goo.gl/J1IkqD)

What you get

Way too big

Right bigness to use

A simple list:

  • First element
  • Second

Better example

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by siscia at 2013-12-22 19:09:40.420227 +0000 UTC


if you have any ideas or suggestions for this little app just comment below, it is that easy, you don’t have to leave your email nor nothing.

I just finished to add the preview mode, it is now easier to share your markdown with the rest of the world.

Enjoy :)

It would be cool if a gorge thread could be ported into an RSS feed. That way, it could be pulled into my favorite RSS reader in case I want to view all my threads in one place.

Why not use gOrge as your ‘Ask Me Anything’ page?